The Olivier DABEE's Link Page

About DirectX 3D and Graphics SDK
Nigel thompson's WEB Site
(Writing : 3D Graphics programming for Windows 95)
DirectX 3
Download the DirectX 3a SDK
DirectX Developer's Page
GDK95 Home Page

Matumot's OpenGL Paradise
HdGDV Software - DrOpenGL
OpenGL WWW Center

3D Ressources

Many 3D Sites
3dCafe : 3D objects for many platforms (.X .DXF .3DS ....)
3D Engines List
Egerter Software
Dion Picco's IceZone! (Articles)
Criterion - Canon Web Sites in the UK (RenderWare)
Graphics Tools Home Page (Non Linear Arts)
Meme(tm): Virtual Reality on the Internet

3D Tools
3DS -> VRML converter (fwd)
3D Tools Info
3d Graphic Tools

Astronomy and Solar System ressources
Dan's Astronomy Software
Solar System Live
Solar System
The Solar System
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn
Astronomy Software for Personal Computers
Home Planet Release 3
Solar System 3D: Planets and Satellites
Astronet Home Page
Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility

Programming ressources

Visual C++ / MFC
Microsoft Visual C++
For MFC Developers Only....
Visual C++®

Visual Basic
Visual Basic
Visual Basic Web Page Demo
Visual Basic Games and Graphics Programming
Microsoft Visual Basic Newsgroups
Southern Cross Visual Basic Code and Links Home Page
Catalyst Development Corporation

Others tips pages
SoftCircuits Home Page
Jay's Code Doodles
Source Code Archives

Compressing Tools
Welcome to PKWARE® Inc.

French CV Web Publication
Réseau Européen pour l'Emploi

My CV Page
Many friends CV (in French)

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